Everyone Must Vote! Why Our Fight Will Never End!

I have realized since fighting against the 28 anti-LGBTQ pieces of legislation in the Texas 85th legislative session and special session that not only LGBTQ people must continue to fight for their rights. People of any religion other than Christianity, people of any race other than white, and anyone from a foreign country will have to fight daily to work towards equal rights in Texas and America.

With the blatant “Racism” shown by Donald Trump he brought Racism out of the closet to stand along side Homophobia, Xenophobia, Sexism, Bigotry, Greed and lack of any type of Soul. It seems Empathy and Sympathy for the poor, no matter what color, have vanished from the Republican Party, what the GOP continues to call the “Party of Lincoln” and the “Party of Reagan”. These beliefs are now totally laughable.

When a party wants to tear down the safeguards put in place to take care of the poor, homeless, outcasts of society and changes the tax code to profit the wealthy then it is not the party of Lincoln or Reagan.

When a party wants to be the “Party of Demolition” when it comes after our Social Security and Medicare benefits then it’s time for all people to wake up and fight for our country.

So many people that have finally woken up to see Trump for the greedy sycophant that he is. They have now realized that they will lose their healthcare and so many other benefits. Kentucky just passed into law that people on Medicaid will now be required to work to receive Medicaid benefits. Do you think people on Medicaid that voted for Trump ever thought they would have to be employed to continue to receive benefits? I think not.

This year in Texas we have more Democrats running for local political offices than ever before. And equally as important is that we have more women running for office in Texas than ever before.

Because we are retired we will try to volunteer and donate to as many campaigns as possible. Living in Austin there are three people running for election/re-election I will place my time and energy in helping this election cycle.

The reason I am supporting these three people is because all three are very similar in what they stand for. They all three stand for equal rights for all people in Texas. They all support the LGBTQ community. They all will fight for undocumented immigrants to protect them from ICE when they have committed no crime. They all want to improve Education, Housing for the Homeless, Better treatment for our veterans, Low Income Housing for those being pushed out because of gentrification. The will fight to help keep Planned Parenthood and other clinics open throughout Texas for women who would no other way have the necessary medical treatment and care they require. They will all three fight for equal pay for women and for undocumented immigrants that now have to work 3 jobs to make what a citizen of the U.S. makes.

I’m going to put my energy into getting Lupe Valdez elected Governor of Texas, Representative Beto O’Rourke elected Senator ridding Texas of the evil named Ted Cruz and re-electing Mayor Steve Adler of Austin. Mayor Adler truly is a mayor for all people fighting to make everyones life better living in Austin, starting with the homeless and low income residents.

I’m going to include links to all the campaigns where you can donate and support these delegates as they fight to improve the lives of Texans and Austinites. We no longer can stay silent thinking things will improve on their own. THEY WILL NOT. As I’ve seen this last year the “Religious Right” and the GOP are fighting daily to take away LGBTQ rights along with Medicaid, Welfare with no regard for the lives of the poor or disenfranchised.


Mayor Steve Adler in Austin’s campaign website is here Adler for Austin and you can always follow him on Twitter at @MayorAdler or on Facebook @austinmayoradler


Lupe Valdez who is running to be the Democratic candidate for Governor of Texas can be found at LupeValdez.com   or on Twitter @LupeValdez and on Facebook @LupeForTexas.


Rep. Beto O’Rourke who is running for the U.S. Senate to defeat Ted Cruz website is Beto for Texas  and on Twitter @BetoOrourke and @RepBetoOrourke and on Facebook @BetoORourkeTX16.


These are three people who I know will fight to improve life for Texans and fight for our rights and welfare and defeat or overturn rights and benefits taken away by the GOP under Donald Trump.

There is not time to rest, and I truly don’t believe there will ever be time that we don’t continue to fight to keep Democrats in power. Donald Trump has brought Bigotry, Racism, Greed, Hate and Violence out of the shadows and out from under every rock. Sadly this is the way America is right now. I have seen families and friendships destroyed because of all the divisiveness and vitriol Trump has tried to make normal in America. We must fight to make unnormalized what Trump has tried to make every day life for Americans.