Help Elect My Friend Democrat Lupe Valdez as the Next Governor of Texas! Please Donate Today


I have to admit that there are not many people I can say I have personally known who have run for political office. But, today I can say someone that I have known for 30 years is now running against Greg Abbott for the office of Governor of Texas!

We met Lupe Valdez almost 30 years ago at MCC church (now Cathedral of Hope), a predominantly LGBTQ church, in Dallas, TX. My husband and I took our 3 and 5 year old daughters so they could go to Sunday school every other weekend while their mother took them to Temple on her weekends. I cannot think of anyone I would rather have had teaching our daughters in Sunday School.

Lupe just resigned as Sheriff of Dallas County. She was elected her first term in 2004 as the first openly gay hispanic female sheriff. She went on to win her 2nd, 3rd and 4th terms as sheriff and just resigned today so she can run as a Democratic Candidate for the Governor of Texas. A candidate who embodies the Texas of today!

Today at a press conference here in Austin Lupe stated  “My name is Lupe Valdez. I’m a proud Texas Democrat and I believe in common sense government, that’s why I’m running for Texas governor. I’ve dedicated my life to defending Texas and I’m not done yet. Like so many hardworking Texans, I know it’s tough deciding between buying food, finding a decent place to live, and setting aside money for college tuition. Opportunity in Texas ought to be as big as this great state, but it is out of reach for far too many, that’s why I’m running for Texas Governor. But for far too long hardworking Texans have been left behind, kept out and frankly attacked for who they are, where they come from and who they love.”

When Lupe was asked about fundraising against Abbott’s $40 million dollar war chest she stated “I think we’re gonna raise whatever money is necessary. I don’t believe that we need 40, 60, 90 gazillion dollars. I believe that it’s gonna take whatever’s necessary and no more.”

Although it will be up to Lupe to raise funds and organize her campaign in Texas it is a telling asset that she is very popular in the Dallas-Ft.Worth area and also in the Valley where she was raised. With the growing hispanic population if all come out and support Valdez in the mid-terms anything is possible.


“Texas is not a red state it’s a non-voting state. We need to let the people know that we’re here. And Texans, the common, everyday Texan needs to hear our voice and we need to hear their voice. Abbott may have the money — we’re gonna have the people.”

As for me, I will do everything in my power to help get Lupe Valdez elected the next Governor of Texas. Lupe cares about every single Texan. Not only has Lupe been a strong advocate for the LGBTQ community but she also looks out for the poor, those in need of Medicaid and Medicare, the homeless, the elderly, help anyone in need.

Here is the link to donate to her campaign. Please donate what you can as often as you can. Click Here to Donate to Lupe Valdez for Governor of TX