A Not So Thankful Thanksgiving Dinner with In-Laws and Out-Laws!

As we prepare today to head to my husband’s parents for Thanksgiving on Thursday we are designing our food fight outfits! It’s not that we’ve ever had a food fight at Thanksgiving but this year holds the greatest possibility of one taking place. We will be the only two Democrats among a Radical Right Religious Evangelical Roy Moore Supporting Cult! (Next year’s theme for “American Horror Story”)

We just found out from my mother-in-law that she had invited my sister-in-laws parents to Thanksgiving dinner. My husband and I have met them twice and had hoped to never be in the same city with them again. At my sister-in-laws second wedding to her current husband they had a seating assignment that put my husband next to the groom’s father. An “Archie Bunker” look a like with a cowboy hat, side arm carrying Texan with a hate for anything LGBTQ or Liberal! Even though he sat by my husband he turned his back to him immediately upon sitting down with his 4th glass of whiskey clutched in his hands.


That happened about ten years ago, we have only seen them once since then and that was for about 5 minutes and no conversation occurred between “Tex Bunker” and us.

In the spirit of the Thanksgiving Season I ordered my husband and myself each an “NS® Protective Apparel Green 2-Piece Chemical & Flame-Resistant FR Rain Suit.” Having earned my Eagle Scout ranking at the age of 16 I have never forgotten the Boy Scout motto of “Be Prepared”!

Of course we don’t want all the others to be unprotected from the unanticipated food fight so we are also using a subtly placed role of orange trash bags as the base to the centerpiece we are bringing for anyone else that feels the need of one during the food fight .


My father-in-law assured us that he would bring out a “NO POLITICAL DISCUSSIONS” Sign and post it at every entrance to his house, however knowing that we are going to be the only 2 people at Thanksgiving that are Democrat Obama/Hillary supporters I know those signs will never materialize!

Now we already have our exit strategy in place. If anybody at the dinner attacks Democrats or anybody in the Democratic Party we will just get up and walk out, but not before throwing at least one handful of mashed potatoes at the attacker of our “Resistance”.

Sadly we know that my sister-in-law’s father-in-law cannot keep his bigoted mouth shut. We will not stand by silently while the Roy Moore Pedophile/Sexual Assault Supporting Republican family members attack the women who have been abused. We must stand up to these Neo-Nazi Evangelicals every chance we get. One thing I have learned over the last year is that the GOP/Republican Party does not care about the well being and safety of the poor or sexually abused in America. It’s all about ending health care, Medicaid and major cuts to Medicare and Social Security. We must all stand up and grab a handful of food at Thanksgiving and start a family food fight as long as these narcissistic, immoral, money grubbing, non-heterosexual gender hating people walk the earth. tumblr_inline_nyc61vrEzu1spviij_500

We can no longer sit in silence at family holiday dinners while surrounded by others who can support a child molesting, pussy grabbing pedophile. A “Cult Christian” male supported by the Republican Party and  allowed to serve in public office.

I mean, even if it is Alabama where people believe marrying their own sister, mother, brother, father or first cousin is not a problem and will never listen to reason then we must call them out. When Moore’s minister in Alabama comes out and supports Moore and says Mary was a teenager when Joseph, an older man got her pregnant, we know they are all mentally challenged.Blank+_88bc17c5ad19a13ab6a55a736af87150

Obviously they  forget that Mary, who was the mother of Jesus, was impregnated by immaculate conception. (Obviously they don’t know their bible or at least don’t know how to read and only know what their Aunt/Mother has taught them in Sunday School!

I know this will be a Thanksgiving to remember. I’ll be sure that it is! And remember, bring sure to bring a box of heavy duty trash bags if you think you may end up in the same situation as me and my husband!200