1 Husband, 1 Dog, 3 Birds and a Roach!

First let me tell you that my husband and I always fix breakfast together every morning. Even in our current situation of confinement with a 2 burner stove, microwave, dishwasher and mini-fridge we try to be optimistic. This morning I woke to the screams of a deranged Jack from “Will and Grace” with my husband screaming in his high nelly voice which he only uses when he sees a snake or spider… “A Roach…..Kill It.” Of course I was still in bed with our 7 pound dog Jade just 10 feet away from him in hysterics laughing “You Kill It!” It was not your typical Texas 6″ cockroach but a baby 1″ roach who quickly scurried away behind the stove. (I did call the front desk and an “exterminator” is supposed to come to our room “soon”……I’m counting the days.

The last 6 weeks have been very stressful for myself and my husband. We packed up our clothes, furniture and other appliances to move into storage until our loft is complete but that is not what has depressed us both. We signed a contract on the sale of our house 6 weeks ago. We were informed we would be closing Oct. 11th but that date came and passed. As of today, we are still waiting for our closing date, but if we do not close by 5:00 p.m. Friday we will receive some compensation. This is only fair since we have been living in our Candlewood Suite for two weeks and are still paying our mortgage.

I know in the big scheme of things this seems so minute, but on some days you feel the weight of the world on your shoulders while surviving in a 400 square foot estate.

IMG_2341The first few days after we moved into our small living quarters we would head out for a movie or dinner and put Jade into her crate. When we would return from the movies we could hear a wolf howling from loneliness in the room next door only to find out that it was our little Jade feeling lost and alone.

This is our fault for spoiling our dog beyond the extreme of Melania Trump. Jade lived on her own pillow on our sofa at home and slept in the bed with us every night. Of course she now spends all of her time on the bed with us in the room unless we have had to escape our 400 square foot world for our own sanity. Jade’s howling has subsided.IMG_2340

I always say I learn a lesson from every situation. Here are the lessons I have learned in selling what was suppose to be our retirement home. #1. Never say “This is the last home I’m buying” after retirement. Most likely you will want to move after 4 years like we did. #2. Even after you’ve reached a mutual price on the sale of your house with the buyer don’t give in to any of their other requests. Our Keller Williams agent (who we actually love!) agreed to let the buyers use their title company even though we were supposed to have that option. BIG MISTAKE. Always use your agents title company. #3. We found out after over 3 weeks of waiting for our appraisal that the buyers agents son was their mortgage lender (All In The Family). They defended each other through multiple delays while using belligerent tones of abuse every time they spoke with our agent. #4. Even if you think you’re not claustrophobic don’t bet your life on it. Eventually everyone feels the walls closing in after living in a 400 square foot cell after a few weeks, and our loft still won’t be finished for two months. IMG_2335

We also brought my 3 parrotlets with us to stay in our room. The good thing is they aren’t claustrophobic. They did have to move to a smaller cage while we are existing in our 400 square feet of luxury but they know they get to move back into their much larger cage upon the completion of our loft.

Once a week a maid comes in and completely cleans our room so we have to wake up early, cook breakfast, shower, shave, brush our teeth and get dressed before her arrival. We normally love sleeping in in the morning with the black out shades closed. Jade abhors getting up early for any reason.

Today when the maid came we decided to run to Target and pick up a few items. Bottled water, Topo Chico (my favorite carbonated water), plastic silverware, or I guess it’s not silverware if its plastic so I should have said “plasticware” and a 3 pack of t-shirts for my husband. I have to be very careful when going to any store with my husband right now. He tends to have an extremely short fuse when dealing with delusional drivers or incoherent, oblivious and obnoxious shoppers. Today was no different. Thankfully when we rambled our way through the store we came upon the Halloween Costume aisle and I placed a large fox head over his. He was fine with it and I walked 10 feet behind him in case he released any of his colorful verbage from beneath the fox head. Luckily I only heard 1 or two muffled “Get the Hell Out of My Way’s” from under his fox disguise which were totally ignored by the 92 year old couple leaning into the ice cream freezer door while hanging onto their Target scooter carts with the grip of death, God forbid they actually walk.

So in conclusion, learn to stick to your guns and don’t give in to the buyer’s agents demands. Once they smell blood you are toast. Even though my husband and I are both on medication for depression and anxiety realize that that is not always enough. Find an activity or do something with friends, don’t sit in your hotel room. And last but not least, learn from your pets. After a few days Jade has settled in and sleeps about 23 hours a day. She’s 12 years old so she deserves it. Nestled on her dog bed and blanket she has learned to tune the world out and enjoy her “me time” while the world continues to turn.


I know in the end….hopefully by mid December, we will be living in our beautiful new loft on South Congress in Austin and it will all have been worth it.1467380719451