Make Your Voices Heard! Ted Cruz at the “Renaissance Hotel” Austin July 6th

If you missed your chance to make your voice heard in McAllen at the 4th of July parade where Senator Ted Cruz was allowed to ride in an open convertible after requesting to be invited to their festivities, here’s your chance.


It seems Ted Cruz, in his typical sarcastic tone, made such statements as 1. “Isn’t freedom wonderful? Think about it: In much of the world, if protesters showed up, they would face violent government oppression. In America, we’ve got something different.” 2. “I will say you have the right to speak, and I will always defend your right to speak and participate in the democratic process. That’s what makes us free, that’s what makes us America” and finally Cruz went on to describe protestors as  “our friends who are so energized today that they believe that yelling is a wonderful thing to do.”


So as we know, Cruz absolutely hates this negative media attention while trying to have photo ops for his upcoming 2018 run to retain his seat in the U.S. Senate. Cruz will be meeting with the “Concerned Veterans for America” group as he tries to solidify his base. Protestors can show respect to Veterans by having peaceful protests outside the hotel while Cruz makes typical campaign promises at the event.

The event will be taking place at “The Renaissance Hotel” Austin at the Arboretum at 6:00 p.m. The Renaissance is located at 9721 Arboretum Blvd. Austin, TX. (512) 343-2626.

I’m sure local T.V. stations CBS Austin, KXAN and KVUE will be there to cover this event. Senwelcome-to-the-renaissance-austinator Cruz has made it quite clear he won’t have any town halls while home on this break. This is one of the few occasions in Austin this week to make sure you are allowed your chance to speak out, carry signs and be sure Ted Cruz knows that constituents are concerned about so many issues. Senator Cruz is currently trying to push through an amendment that would make the Senate bill even more conservative. The Cruz amendment would allow states to sell cheap, bare-bones insurance plans that don’t cover essential health benefits like prescription drugs, hospital visits, mental health services and maternity care. A healthcare bill that with the cost of services now offered through Obamacare would most likely be more expensive with higher premiums. Tell Ted Cruz NO to his amended healthcare bill and NO to cuts in Medicaid!  #Resist and #Persist