Ted Cruz Gets an Ear Full in McAllen & Still Fears Holding a Town Hall

In an article by The Texas Tribune today protestors made sure they were heard by Sen. Ted Cruz who is up for reelection in 2018. Cruz is still trying to manipulate a bill on healthcare that would be even more conservative than the bill just submitted by the U.S. Senate.

In typical Ted Cruz style he started his speech with “Isn’t freedom wonderful? Think about it: In much of the world, if protesters showed up, they would face violent government oppression. In America, we’ve got something different.” Not having been there in person I know he said it with that creepy “Ted Cruz Sneer” that only Ted knows how to do, very reminiscent of “The Grinch Who Stole Christmas”.

Cruz continued saying “”I will say you have the right to speak, and I will always defend your right to speak and participate in the democratic process. That’s what makes us free, that’s what makes us America.”

Cruz went on to talk about how upset so many Americans are with the cost of Obamacare as premiums rise, however he constantly fails to admit or state that Democrats have reached out to try to do fixes on the ACA and have been met with only closed doors.

Senator Cruz is currently trying to push through an amendment that would make the Senate bill even more conservative. The Cruz amendment would allow states to sell cheap, bare-bones insurance plans that don’t cover essential health benefits like prescription drugs, hospital visits, mental health services and maternity care. A healthcare bill that with the cost of services now offered through Obamacare would most likely be more expensive with higher premiums.

In typical Cruz fashion as he ended his remarks, Cruz again made reference to the protesters, describing them as “our friends who are so energized today that they believe that yelling is a wonderful thing to do.” The sad thing is with Ted Cruz even yelling won’t get through his hard head or make a difference. Cruz has no compassion for those in need living below the poverty level who must have the assistance of Medicaid. Typical of most Republicans regarding healthcare it is all about power, position and greed.