Democrat Mike Collier will run for Lt. Gov. Against Dan Patrick “I’m Dan Patrick’s worst nightmare”

Finally, today, Democrat Mike Collier officially announced he will run for Lt. Gov. of Texas against Dan Patrick! Collier announced today at a rally of 75 Williamson County Democrats who are excited by having recently won seven local election victories.

Collier is a native Texan and graduated from Georgetown High School in Williamson County.  He then went on to receive his undergraduate and MBA from the University of Texas. Carrying on the U.T. tradition Collier has two sons attending U.T.

Having a daughter, who we sent to the University of Texas, and now teaches middle school in Austin, somehow we feel related. Also, my father graduated from the University of Texas in 1948. In a tweet today Collier stated “We’re going to treat teachers right. They deserve their retirement funds from the state. A deal is a deal. #TexasProud.”

Mike Collier Teacher Tweet - 1

Not only is this great news for our daughter but also for myself and my husband. My husband retired as an Assistant Superintendent of Instruction and Curriculum after 35 years in the Texas public school system. We’re counting on you Mike 🙂

But beyond that I’ll support and endorse Mike Collier for Lt. Gov. not only because he’s a Democrat but because he does not support Patrick’s Religious Right form of trying to inflict discrimination on LGBTQ people or others through “Religious Refusal”!

At his rally today Collier said “Don’t let them tell you we can’t win. We can win, and I can tell you why. Dan Patrick is the worst lieutenant governor in Texas history. We’ve got real issues, and what did he spend his whole session on?” Collier asked those attending the rally. “Bathrooms,” the group replied.

Collier responded with “More politicians have been caught doing bad things in bathrooms than all the transgenders,” Now at this point I’m going to try to do a google translation for Collier. What I believe he was trying to state was ” More politicians have been caught doing bad things in bathrooms while transgender people just want to use the bathroom in peace and be respected. And there are no incidents of transgendered people assaulting anyone in a restroom.” I will definitely offer my services if he needs them for any future speeches for issues regarding our LGBTQ Community. Being a 60 year old gay man I’m sure I’ll have some insight he is welcome to use.

Also, Collier stated “Dan Patrick is very bad for business, and I can tell you, the business community is very concerned. Tolerance is essential to corporate success and tolerance does not come naturally to humans.” Collier said Patrick’s pursuit of legislation to set rules for the use of public bathrooms by transgender individuals in the name of “women’s privacy” is pandering to his party’s far-right base that sends a message of intolerance.

Collier will stand up for not only the business community but for our LGBTQ Community.   He will fight to keep religion out of politics and politics out of the bathroom. It seems Collier and Speaker Straus agree on several issues which is good for our community. As I stated in a previous article Straus  met with the  Texas Association of School Boards’ annual summer leadership institute and said “I don’t know what all the issues are with bathrooms in our schools, but I’m pretty sure you can handle them, and I know that you have been handling them”. Straus said the “bathroom bill” sends the wrong message about Texas, instead of “making decisions that attract jobs, that attract families.”

Collier stated  “I’m not sure I disagree with Joe Straus on these issues.” Now imagine that!  A Texas Speaker of the House and a Lt. Governor who can meet in the middle, work across the aisle in the common interest of all Texans no matter race, religion, gender identity or economic level. Democrats and Republicans finding common ground in this current climate of political divisiveness! JUST IMAGINE IT! IT CAN HAPPEN!

To go to Colliers campaign website click  Collier for Lt. Governor #TexasProud

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