The Vacation That Was Meant to Be!

Our vacation last August was one that would change our lives forever. We had been to Montreal several times before but for some weird feeling we felt the need to go back last summer. This was going to be the first time we stayed in Old Montreal.

After searching online for the perfect place to stay in Old Montreal my husband had a thought. Our daughter had gone to Italy the year before and used Airbnb to book her lodging throughout Italy. She had a wonderful experience at an affordable price for her. So, after inputting all of our needs into the form for lofts my husband hit enter and came up with several choices.

We had always wanted to stay in a loft and see if we could ever live in a large open space with only a bathroom/laundry room separate from the main room. We soon found out not only that we could but that we actually loved it.

We did not know that Montreal Pride was going to take place the week we vacationed there. My husband google “the best place to stand for the Montreal Gay Pride Parade”. We headed down to the street on the parade route and staked out our spot. They had planned to do three minutes of silence for the victims of the Pulse Nightclub tragedy in Orlando. We could not believe it while standing on the sidewalk as we say Justin Trudeau come into view. Here was a leader of a country you could truly respect and admire. Suddenly to our surprise he stopped 10 feet from us. It was 2:30 and time for the three minutes of silence. That is when I was able to take the picture of Justin Trudeau. As you look at his picture at the top of this article look and feel the compassion and empathy Trudeau truly has for the victims of Orlando. This was an event of a lifetime and we were thrilled that we were there to enjoy it.

We had wanted to buy a loft when we moved to Austin, it was just way out of our budget. A one bedroom condo in the downtown Austin area that was 800 square feet would run $400,000 to $500,000. This was truly out of our price range.

I did decide to google lofts, condos and townhouses in Austin and happened on a new project that had just begun construction and I could not believe when I saw the prices. The one bedrooms started at $185,000 up to the highest pride two bedroom running $450,000. After Montreal we knew we could live in a one bedroom loft but was this going to work out for us?

We made an appointment with a wonderful saleswoman who in fact turned out to be a lesbian married to her wife and they had 2 girls the exact same age as our two granddaughters. In the end we ended up buying an end unit on the 5th (top) floor of our building and it’s coming along very fast do to fantastic weather in Austin last winter.

We are now scheduled to hopefully move in October or November of this year. We are going from a three bedroom home in the suburbs and have already started making weekly trips to Goodwill donating what we won’t be moving with us.

Had we not decided to go to Montreal last summer, had we not decided to look for a loft on Airbnb, had I not googled lofts on our return home we would never be moving into our dream retirement home. Sometimes things are just “meant to be”!!!

Justin Trudeau raises Pride flag on Parliament Hill June 1st 2016 before Marching in Pride Parades. Listen as he shares that every political party in Canada was there when the rainbow pride flag was raised and as he announces “Transgender Rights are Human Rights”. If only that could be said in America.

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